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"Medical providers, physicians, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other medical professionals rely on the judgment and reasoning skills of experienced medical transcriptionists to safeguard the accuracy and integrity of medical dictation."

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Since 1989, MediTask has charged by the character, not the "line".    Here's a useful analogy:    If you pay for data usage by the gigabyte and use 1/2 of a gigabyte, you'll still pay the full gigabyte price.    Wouldn't it be more fair if you were charged for what you used, not a threshhold you may never use?    At MediTask, we count by characters, not lines which may or may not be full or used.    We've done it this way for 26 years because it's the fairest method.

Unfortunately, the medical transcription industry has a history of fattening line-counts.  Formatting techniques can manipulate line counts by narrowing margins, using thicker/wider fonts, employing gross line counting - where even one character on a line evokes a full-line charge!.    We think you'll agree...that's hardly fair.    

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MediTask constantly upgrades our site and system, adding services and tools for our Clients, and providing more "bang" for their buck!   It's our goal to continue that tradition, keeping our rates low while upgrading our services at every opportunity.   We take great pride in providing outstanding service and turnaround - along with a friendly, helpful voice on the other end... we like phone menus about as much as you do!  

CHARITY - Sharing the Wealth...
10% of MediTask's profits go to the Christian Charity of our choice, but you may choose which Charity you'd like to see that donation go towards - and each Client is given an opportunity to decide upon sign-up with MediTask.

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