Medical Transcription...
combines the skills of listening, thinking, and an unrelenting dedication to accuracy. Our MTs are on board because they've proven their commitment to learning new terms, the latest medications, and tools of this trade.

About Us
To deliver exceptional value to our Clients with a complete medical transcription solution on a platform which exceeds HIPAA regulations.  Further, we provide intelligent and creative solutions to Clients regarding their transcription needs by working with each Client as if they were our only Client, offering the best resources available in the industry.

Founded in 1989, Medi-Task provides nationwide medical transcription service to private practices, clinics, and surgery centers.   We're a reasonably-sized company - which means we are actually here for you.   No phone menus,   just a friendly voice on the other end of the line.    Have a question or request?    Bring it on... we want you to experience truly being heard, being valued, and having a service company made up of people whose priorities are simple: deliver excellence, exceed expectations, and keep honesty and fairness in the workplace.      Our values haven't changed over the years... take a look at our client testimonials!

                                                      Medi-Task Transcriptionists are ALL US-based; we do not outsource overseas.

Our system is easy to use, and we provide all the tools necessary for smooth start-ups and continuous exceptional service.      After all, it's about time.

Our Values

We choose to bill by the word, based on character count - not by the line (which could be half-filled or fattened by formatting.)   We are not vague about our fees, there are no hidden costs, start-up fees, or surprises.

Working together, the Medi-Task team coordinates and jumps through hoops in order to exceed our Clients' expectations.   We work extremely well together, sharing the belief that Clients deserve our best efforts, our strict attention to detail, and a clear commitment to continued education.

We understand that not all Clients are alike - you have different needs, different personalities, different office set-ups.  But you all share one goal: accurate, timely, secure transcription service that operates seamlessly with your medical records department.  We believe that each member of your team is important to your overall practice, so our customer service goes the extra mile to personally tend to your in team members' needs.

Technology in this field keeps changing, so we believe in seizing opportunities to learn, improve ourselves, and improve our service.  We understand the importance of staying on top of the game - and ahead of it.

Patient data is a private matter; protection of that sensitive information is at the forefront of our service.   We exceed HIPAA standards, and are dedicated to guarding the confidentiality of each and every dictation and document that we handle.


"In all things give thanks..."