Tools and Features

The Tools and Features....
provided by MediTask have been created with your needs in mind.    You can access your finished work from ANY computer, ANYwhere, and ANY time, 24/7/365. We continue to upgrade and create additional tools and services for our clients.   Our clients speak - and we listen.   
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TWO SYSTEMS: - Our Legacy Interface or EMR Interface

Using an EMR system is a big (and often complicated) move for practices. You want your providers in front of the patients - not in front of a computer. Recent studies have shown that a majority of hospitals and practices are taking a hybrid approach, making the most of their #1 resources' time (providers) by utilizing dictation and documentation integration into their EHR system. Allowing providers to use traditional dictation methods to capture patient encounters, and staff to integrate important encounter data into an existing EHR system gives the best result - without anyone jumping through technological hoops. Please contact us for further information: 800-278-6083.

Our LEGACY system works perfectly with practices which haven't yet transitioned to an EMR system and whose dictators prefer the traditional methods of dictation outlined above. In this case, your patient reports are available to you as MSWord documents, PDFs, or text files - whatever works for your group. All other online services are still available to Legacy users. This system is simple to use, requires no special downloads or tedious work on your end, and has been developed with "user-friendliness" in mind.

LEGACY SYSTEM: What You'll Need: - No special knowledge is required.

1.  Computer with internet access
2.   Internet Browser, IE: Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.
3.   Email address and fax
4.   Microsoft Word

Features:   All You Need - Nothing You Don't!

With one click, you'll be able to track the "life" of your voice files from initial upload to our service, through transcription, Quality Assurance, and your own retrieval time/date.   At a glance, you can tell where any dictation is in the MediTask system.   No surprises!

Easily view, track and PAY your MediTask invoices online.   Additionally, you'll receive an email  (up to two addresses)  with your invoice attached.    Your invoice is a line-item reflection of every document we've transcribed during the previous month, sorted chronologically, and subtotaled by dictator.    Online, you can view your invoice history or pay with a click of your mouse.

Choose the report(s) you wish to fax to colleagues or medical facilities, or use our "AutoFax" program which automatically faxes completed, e-signed reports to referring physicians listed in the report.

Choose any patient report (s) you wish to open and edit.    With a click of your mouse, you can listen to the voice file which corresponds to the transcribed report.    Make changes and save the edited report to your computer AND the MediTask server.    If you - or anyone at your office - should need that report again, the report they ask for will be the most recent/edited report.    A history of all changes is provided as well.

Looking for a particular patient report, dictated by a particular dictator, on a particular date?    Quickly locate that report, edit it, fax it, or print it - all simply, all online.

No more stamps or snail-mail!    Pay your monthly invoices online with a few clicks of your mouse, and then quickly review your payment history in the Invoices section of your menu.

Your dictators can access and E-sign their reports easily and quickly, readying those reports for printing, faxing, mailing, or sending by any electronic means you select.    This feature is double-password protected to ensure that only the dictator or designated user can attach the E-signature.

Our site is HIPAA-compliant, uses 128-bit encryption, and is password protected on three levels to protect your patients' information.